Bulk Bloom Care and Planning

Pick-Up. Design. Celebrate!

If you are using your bulk blooms for an event, the more prepared you are in advance of design day, the more enjoyable arranging will be. Have as much fun as possible and enjoy working with the ephemeral beauty of fresh flowers. Helpful tips are below.

When You Order

  • Decide the date and time of pick up. Give yourself a full day or more  before your event, depending on how many arrangements you are making. It can easily take a whole day to get your flowers arranged.

  • Do some research. Gather images of colors, textures, that appeal to you - these don't need to be images of flowers! Get inspired.

  • Gather or purchase supplies you will need in addition to your blooms to make your arrangements. Give yourself time to receive and inspect your supplies to be sure they'll work for you.

  • Practice arranging! Watch tutorials. Buy some blooms ahead of time or use flowers from a friend's garden to try out a few ideas.

One Month Before Your Event

  • Decide where you are going to store your blooms until the day of the event. A walk in cooler that is no colder than 45 degrees, or a cool dark basement is perfect. . Have that spot reserved, tidied and ready to receive the blooms. Flowers will fade fast if stored with fruits and vegetables so plan to store them apart from any food items. Light is also not good for the cut blooms. Do not store them in a sunny spot or they will open and fade fast.

  • If you will not be picking up your blooms decide who will and have them read through this list.

  • Flowers should be taken directly to a cool location in a cool car/van/enclosed truck. They'll need to be transported with water, so protect your transport space from splashes. 

  • Finalize your supply list, get any last minute supplies you still need including scissors or plant snips

One to Two Days Before Your Event

  • Pick up your blooms. Early morning is ideal to avoid the heat of the day.

  • Transport your blooms to a cool location to store if you are not arranging right away. Plan to store them no more than a day unless you are storing them in a walk-in cooler type situation with low temps and no light. If you are using zinnias and ornamental basil, take precautions not to get those flowers below 45-50 degrees they can be damaged if they get too cold.

  • Get your supplies ready and lay out a big flat table to work on. Have a few types of scissors and snips handy, towels for spills, and a broom and dust pan. 

Have Fun - Its Design Time!

  • Bring photos you've collected for inspiration. You're just going for a "feel" here - not an exact copy.

  • Have fun. It doesn't take much to make flowers look beautiful - don't get too caught up in the little details unless that is enjoyable for you. They'll work for you no matter what. 

  • After you've designed the flowers, snip their ends to your preferred lenght, and place them in fresh cool water. Place them back in a cool area until you are ready to stage them for your event. 

  • ** Some of your blooms come closed because as they warm and are exposed to sun, they will blow open. Some blooms, such as cosmos, will lose some of their petals as new buds open up. This is normal. We cut stems with this timing in mind. Other blooms, like poppies, will close at night and open in the light. - The more you know...

Celebration Day!

  • Store your flowers in a shady spot if possible.

  • If you want photos of your floral creations, take them early on in your event. Bouquets should be returned to water when not being photographed. 

  • Some flowers naturally have a longer life than others. Most flowers will reliably last 5-8 hours in tip-top shape, depending on sun, wind, heat, and humidity. Out of water, they will obviously fade faster.

  • When the event is over you can give them a snip and fresh water to enjoy longer.

  • Compost your flowers after your event for extra Karma points.