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We are small but mighty

Western Flora Co. is an urban farm located on the west side of Centennial, Colorado - just a few minutes south of Denver. We grow flowers on every square inch of our quarter acre lot. Though we are small in acreage, we grow an abundance of heirloom flowers and native flora that brighten our corner of town. Read our story below!



When you support local farmers you are supporting your neighbors. You are also supporting good land stewardship and the health of the people growing and working these farms. Your local flowers and veg are grown on a human scale without the use of persistent pesticides. They also have a smaller carbon footprint because they are not shipped thousands of miles to get to you. Caring for the integrity of the soil and our community is a priority for me. I am committed to using organic regenerative farming practices to grow the healthiest worm-pollinator-soil-bacteria-friendly flowers!


Western Flora Co. is a quarter-acre urban flower farm tucked away in an older neighborhood in Centennial, Colorado. It began as a daydream in 2015 when I was growing veg for a non-profit farm in north Denver. While searching for vegetable varieties in the seed catalog, my attention wandered to the flowers.


A minor obsession began and I spent a significant share of my paycheck on a bundle of flower seeds that spring and planted them all in a generous friend's backyard. I was overwhelmed by the joy I felt harvesting my first armload of flowers. A day easily slipped by while I arranged flowers and delivered them to friends and neighbors. Their wide eyes and big smiles were all it took to confirm I was on the right track.


l was born in Colorado and grew up wandering in its magical landscapes. My designs reflect the wild aesthetic of Colorado’s mountains, high deserts and prairies. I am in love with the stunning beauty of this region and enjoy the challenge of zig zagging around its moody, unpredictable weather. Since growing that first haul of flowers, I have spent a few seasons working in commercial floriculture, farming, and hunting for land to grow on.


In late 2020, my dear partner and I, found a precious piece of earth to tend and call home. I am so excited to share what we grow here with you!

- Shannon

Logo sticker for Western Flora Co.
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