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Flower Buckets or 'DIY Buckets' are buckets of flowers for special occasions, weddings, celebrations, & events and for the flower obsessed who want to play with A LOT of flowers. I harvest the best in bloom for your order and you choose the color range. Find answers to FAQs about flower buckets here.

Western Flora's Flower Buckets Include



native sumac

native grasses

oregano flowers


native artemisia

and more




bee balm





and more



perennial scabiosa





and more


FANCY focals








scoop scabiosa

and more


Pricing & Bunch Size

Orders are $295, which includes sales tax. Over 100 stems are included. Bunches have ten stems each - sometimes more with delicate flowers and grasses. Fancy Focal bunches have five stems. You can expect to have enough stems to make ten, quart-sized flower arrangements with one flower bucket order. Customers supply their own buckets for pick-up.

Ready to Order?

  • Fill out the Bucket Inquiry Form below to confirm your date is available. Order at least a month in advance to get your preferred date.

  • Make a down payment to secure your date. I will confirm your pick up date and email an invoice to collect a 50% down payment.

  • You're Set! It'll be quiet on my end - I'm working hard to grow your blooms.

  • Send final payment. Two weeks prior to pick-up, you will receive the second invoice to collect the final payment. 

  • Pick up on Fridays, July through September, between 8am and 12pm at the farm in Centennial. 

Buckets of flowers for bulk flowers for weddings and events

Flower Bucket Inquiry Form

Flower Bucket FAQs

Can I request specific flower varieties for my order?

Bucket orders are my priority each week, before all of my other orders. I choose the absolute best of what is blooming in the color range you ask for. You trust my design expertise to curate the most amazing order for you, therefore it is not possible to choose specific flower varieties.  Want to know what flowers you might expect the month of your event? Take a look at the seasonal flower guide on the top tab of this website.

My event is on Friday (the pick up day), can I pick up on a different day?

Sure! The team prefers Fridays - we are working at the pickup location on Friday so we don't need to make special arrangements. We offer alternate pick up on Wednesday and Thursday as well. Pick up time is always between 8a and 12p, no exceptions. Saturdays and Sundays are not available for pick up - we are all off-site for market days.

Can I send you a link to my Pinterest Board to help explain my style?

I prefer for you to use the photo upload on the inquiry form to choose the image that best represents your vision. Pinterest boards usually create confusion for the designer (me :)) because as an artist/farmer I see more variation in color and style than the person who doesn't spend 24/7 obsessing about local flowers. I cannot guarantee I will interpret such a broad vision the way you intend. Please send me your absolute favorite image and tell me why you love it.

I forgot two buckets for pick up. The flowers should be fine, out of water for a 'few minutes' right?

Oof. That's up to you, but not recommended. Most hardware stores sell buckets for a few bucks, just pick them up on the way to the farm. We can sell you a couple in a pinch. We charge $25.

I have to run a few errands after I pick up my flowers, will they be ok in my car?

Oh no. Flowers need to be transported to their destination in a cool vehicle as soon as possible. AC BLASTING!. If you are making a long trip - up to the mountains - say, I also recommend shading the flowers. Please note, once flowers leave WF Co., they are the sole responsibility of the transporter.

I need A TON of flowers, can I order more than one bucket order for my pick up date?

I budget enough flowers for the market customers and bucket customers accordingly. I can most likely get you an extra bunch or two depending on availability, usually not a whole bucket  order. Please note - extra bunch orders need to be coordinated at least two weeks prior to pick up. Reach out to me if you need additional options.

My event is in May/October/any other month not available on the calendar drop-down. Can I get buckets on those dates?

The farm generally has fewer blooms in the early and late season. And because of the chances of frost happening in these months I don't like for folks to depend on us for flowers if we might not have them. Your events are important and I respect that. I am happy to recommend good alternatives for sourcing flowers in these months and I often do sell retail bunches on a case by case basis - just reach out to me to find out more.

Well, I got my flowers. Now what do I do?!?

Enjoy them and see the care guide here for helpful tips.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please let me know if you need to cancel as far in advance as possible! You can cancel your order for a 50% refund of your down payment 30 days or more prior to your order pick up date. Within 30 days or less, I do not offer refunds. Please understand that WF Co. is a very small team operated by real humans. I have reserved your date and turned away other customers for your date - cancellations are a real loss for us. Orders that are not picked up will be held for two days, and then composted or donated. If you are picking up late (after 12p and/or after Friday), a $100 service fee will be added to your order for me to coordinate the revised pick up logistics and accommodate our extra time to coordinate with you. The Service Fee is payable before the flowers go home, no exceptions. I have a heart,  please reach out to me if you have very exceptional circumstances.

More questions? Email me:

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