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Cut Flowers LOVE

  • Sparkling clean water, clean vases, clean snips

  • Cool temperatures - 40 - 50F to store and as cool as possible for display

  • A fresh snip with clean scissors when stem ends are brown, soggy or soft

  • Flower food, if you have it

  • When faded blooms are removed from the vase*

Vase Life

5 - 7 Days - garden roses, peonies, single stem cosmos, sweet peas, basil, poppies,  scabiosa

7 - 14 Days - ranunculus, snapdragons, stock, zinnias, multi-stem cosmos, celosia, herbs

14 +/- Days - marigolds, lisianthus, matricaria, eucalyptus, branches, strawflower, grasses

Cut Flowers DISLIKE

  • Direct sun, wind and high temperatures

  • Being left out of water

  • Being stored near ripening fruit or veg*

* Fading flowers and ripening fruits and veg release hormones or gases that signal other flowers to drop petals and move into seed production mode, in turn, decreasing vase life.

Bulk Bucket Tips

  • Be sure to set aside adequate time to arrange flowers if they are to be used for an event. Arranging for beginners can take a surprising amount of time. 

  • Floral design can be intimidating - it doesn't hurt to practice with pre-made bouquets and flowers from the garden. Get inspiration from images, art, nature.

  • An ounce of preparation goes a long way. Be sure to have lots of space, clean vases, floral tape, chicken wire, ribbons, etc. ready to go before design begins.

  • My favorite vases for arrangements are fluted pint-sized mason jars, or small bowls or compotes with a 5 inch opening. 

  • Enjoy the process, be creative, don't stress!

Helpful Tips & Tricks

  • Stems may come with blooms that are closed - exposed to light and warmth, they will open.

  • Branched stems like cosmos, will lose blooms as new buds open. This is normal. Snip off spent blooms and wait for the plump buds to open.

  •  Blooms like poppies, will close in the dark and open in the light.

  • Different flower varieties have varied vase life. Arranged flowers and bouquets will generally last 7-10 days with proper care. Flowers exposed to outdoor/event conditions will reliably last 5-8 hours in tip-top shape. 

  • Assume all flowers are toxic to pets and humans if consumed. Please keep out of reach of pets and very young children.

Flowers for Events

  • Pre-cool your car and turn a/c to the lowest setting when transporting flowers.

  • Secure arrangements for transport - towels work well, snuggled in between vases.

  • Once on location, continue to keep arrangements as cool and shaded as possible.

  • If photographing florals, take photos early. Bouquets should be returned to water when not being photographed.

  • Event guests love to take flowers home with them, offer them as a 'thank you' for celebrating with you and to make clean-up easy.

  • Compost or dry flowers post-event. WF Co.'s flowers are grown organically and are safe to compost in the home garden.

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